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Canadian business directory

Take away the high-security, the diplomatic immunity and the protestors, and you’ll see that consulates and embassies are just like any other organization: they may need supplies, renovation work, janitorial products or foreign investment advice. A national business directory like the one offered by Scott’s Directories is an incredible resource for people working inside those organizations – and also for companies like yours that would like to develop some B2B relationships with such unique and operations that could be lucrative clients.

Canadian business directory is an incredible wealth of information, not just for foreign nationals seeking data to gain a better understanding of the Canadian industrial landscape, but also for Canadian companies looking to conduct research and analysis for their own strategic planning and lead generation. Take people working in the financial sector for example.

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Scott’s Directories Attn: Customer Service,
565 Orwell Street, Unit D,
ON L5A 2W4
Phone: 1-844-402-2076
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